Just in time for Halloween…. Frankenstorm

I live in Florida…. where the weather is usually still pretty warm this time of year. Enter “Frankenstorm”. This is what I have outside right now….It’s been chilly all day! The weather reports are saying it’s going to be cold (ok cooler for everyone else) on Halloween. This does not bode well for my Trick or Treating plans with my daughter. She told me (with all the authority a 4 year old can muster) that she was going to be Tinkerbell this year.Yay! So I had to make a costume. Very. Bad. Idea. I do not sew well (alone or with others). The last time I actually did sew was like 6 years ago. My nephew wrangled me into sewing a pumpkin costume for him… and me! I barely made it out of that experience with my hair intact! Anyway, I decided I would make one of the adorable tutus that I see everyone else making. These things are adorable! So I have made this tutu and we had planned for her to wear it with a green tank top that she has…. Umm not going to work if the weather is going to be cold… Now I have to think up something very quick and easy so she can still go Trick or Treat AND be warm. I will post pics later of whatever it is I come up with. Thus begins your new adventure with me(hopefully). so please join me again to see what other (mis)adventures I might find.